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The game for those who want to explore the fantasy of contract killing

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In Hitman 2, a retired assassin gets forced back into action because of treason. Despite being a hired killer, this paid assassin has a sense of loyalty and justice. What makes this game worth playing is that the impressive technical elements and countless ways to kill a target make it one of a kind.

The punishing level of difficulty offers both powerfully intense action and nail-biting suspense. IO Interactive proved they had the ability to back up flashy graphics with stunning gameplay. Hitman 2 fixes most of the problems the first game had, and it stands strong on its own merits.

The story is about a hitman known as 47, who gave up his violent past to work as a humble gardener at a Sicilian church. When a priest gets kidnapped, 47 contacts his former employer to help find the minister, but he needs to perform a few jobs before the agency will search for him. As the story deepens, you find that it falls flat on its face. The story is mostly an excuse to put 47 on a plane to some of the most exotic locations in the world. With more than 20 challenging levels, you will be playing this game for a while. Forty-seven visits in locations such as Russia, Japan, Malaysia, India and Afghanistan. The varied levels make this one of the best stealth games ever made.

You can play Hitman 2 using a ton of approaches, and there are many ways to silence a target. There is something insanely satisfying about using fiber wire on the mail carrier or knocking the chambermaid down the staircase with a golf club. Each level provides you with a huge sandbox with infinite possibilities. This game became so popular because it allows players the freedom to solve the puzzle however, they want.

You can move through the whole level without ever drawing a firearm. However, in several levels, you will have no choice but to go in guns blazing.

Impersonation was a crucial part of the gameplay in Hitman 2, just like the first game. You can take clothing off all of the male characters and use it as a disguise, but you need to hide the body or your cover will be blown. The suspense of walking around in a stolen uniform and not being discovered adds to the excitement of this game.

Additionally, the easy-to-use context menu helps to make the game easier to play. The first game had a steep learning curve, but you are given a tutorial to help you learn how to play Hitman 2. It helps that you can save progress during the missions. You can save seven times per mission on normal difficulty, two at expert and none at professional.


  • Large chances for replayability
  • A game that is all about freedom and creativity
  • Large sandbox levels
  • Melee weapons include a Katana, golf club, fire axe and knives


  • Insane level of difficulty even on normal
  • The story was weak

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